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openQmail is a flexible, modern and scalable mta in the tradition and as a successor of qmail. It was improved with functionality which is essential and necessary as of the requirements of today. The main target group are users and administrators who wants prevent themselves by the mess of patching (net)qmail, but requires or wants at least authentication.

eQmail is not an academic fork, it is from (an) administrator(s) for administrators. It was originated on daily practice, not based on blank theory which is described inaccurately to often. May be some points looks like to be a bit aside the mainstream sometimes.

openQmail will be discussed at the openqmail users mailing list.

Downloads: The latest sources and pre-releases are available on GitHub. Final releases including checksum(s) are available through ftp.


openQmail is a suite around its core eQmail, which by itself has a history. A fresh (net)qmail installation doesn't happen quite often. So in case it have to be done, it was necessary to search for needed patches for the used version of netqmail again and again. Due to the anarchy of the patch development this was always a mess. Patches didn't apply or work anymore, some are no longer available (or couldn't be found) and not to speak about abuse of maintenance and version numbering.

At one point it was decided to create a patched code base and keep it for internal use in the future. Sometimes in 2014 there was a - long - thread at the qmail mailing list: The current state of qmail. This was the trigger to review the patched netqmail sources and publish it - eQmail was born. Still around this, on different netqmail installations there were inconsistent enhancements, doing basically the same stuff but slightly different and were bad maintained. So the point was not far away to consolidate all the stuff and made a more extendable suite around eQmail - originated as openQmail.

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