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Version: qkim-devel
Released: 26th May 2017
Download: openqmail-latest         
Checksum: sha256sum

qdkim will be discussed on the openqmail mailing list.

qdkim is a module to verify DKIM signatures of incoming messages as well signing outgoing messages. It is available as part of openqmail. It is designed to incorporate with eQmail, but should work with other *qmail derivatives in general too.


Download the sources and extract it. Change into the source folder  qdkim  and check the file  conf-home . Then run

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install


All pathes below are relative to the eQmail home directory. The main config file is  etc/qdkim.conf . After installation it consists working defaults. DKIM processing is deactivated (OFF) by default.

Sign messages

Before messages can be signed a domain key is required. To create one for  run

$ mkdkimkey

An existing key will not overwritten. The key have to be published in DNS. To check out the TXT record for bind use the  -p  option:

$ mkdkimkey -p

Publish the key in DNS. Keys will be stored in  etc/dkimkeys/<domain>/  with dropped access rights. Now put  qmail-sdkim  include the full path on the first line of  etc/beforemote  *, e.g.


Last step is to activate signing in the config file by setting


Now you can test it:

$ echo "DKIM test" | sendmail -f <your@email.address>

Verify DKIM signatures

The recommended way to plugin  qmail-vdkim  is to set


Afterwards a restart is required. To activate verification set in  etc/qdkim.conf 



The mentioned file  etc/beforemote  is part of  qmail-bfrmt , a feature of eQmail which is usually not available on derivatives. Workaround:

After qdkim was installed, stop *qmail and do

$ mv qmail-remote qmail-remote.bin
$ ln -s qmail-sdkim qmail-remote

In qdkim.conf set QMAILREMOTE to the renamed  qmail-remote.bin  with the correct absolute path, like


Refer to Configuration above and start *qmail.

There is a patch available also. Use at your own risk.

Last modified: 2018/10/29 14:12

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